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Publicaciones del año 2018

Autores Artículo Revista

E. Otárola, H. Antil

An a posteriori error analysis for an optimal control problem involving the fractional Laplacian

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis; Vol. 38, pp. 198-226; Jan. 2018

R. Vallejos, S. Ojeda, G. Britos

An image quality index based on coefficients of spatial association with an application to image fusion

Spatial Statistics; Vol. 23, pp. 1-16; Mar. 2018

J. Peypouquet, H. Attouch, P. Redont

Backward-forward algorithms for structured monotone inclusions in Hilbert spaces

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; Vol. 457(2), pp. 1095-1117; Jan. 15, 2018

L. Iturriaga, E. Massa

On necessary conditions for the comparison principle and the sub- and supersolution method for the stationary Kirchhoff equation

Journal of Mathematical Physics; Vol. 59(1), art. 011506; Jan. 24, 2018

S. Marx, E. Cerpa

Output feedback stabilization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation

Automatica; Vol. 87, pp. 210-217; Jan. 2018

P. Quiroz

Selectivity in definite quaternion algebras

Journal of Number Theory; Vol. 185, pp. 379-395; Apr. 2018

A.J. Salgado, E. Otárola


Sparse Optimal Control for Fractional Diffusion

Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics; Vol. 18(1), pp. 95-110; 2018

N. Carreño, S. Guerrero

Uniform null controllability of a linear KdV equation using two controls

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; Vol. 457(1), pp. 922-943; Jan. 1, 2018

C. Hermosilla, P. Wolenski, H. Zidani

The Mayer and Minimum Time Problems with Stratified State Constraints

Set-Valued and Variational Analysis; Vol 26(3), pp 643–662, Sep. 2018

L. Iturriaga, E. Massa

Existence, nonexistence and multiplicity of positive solutions for the poly-Laplacian and nonlinearities with zeros

Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – A; Vol. 38(8), pp 3831–3850, Oct 2018

P. Cerda, L. Iturriaga, S. Lorca, P. Ubilla

Positive radial solutions of a nonlinear boundary value problem

Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis; Vol. 17(5), pp 1765–1783,  Sep. 2018

E. Hernández, C. Spa, and S. Surriba

A non-standard MITC4 method for dynamical behaviour of cylindrical thin shells

Meccanica; Vol. 53(4), pp 1037-1048, Mar. 2018

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Sustainable thresholds for cooperative epidemiological models

Mathematical Biosciences, Vol. 302(2), pp. 627-659; Aug. 2018

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Analysis of an optimal control problem related to the anaerobic digestion process

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Vol. 178(2), pp. 9-18; Aug 2018

N. Carreño, R. Morales, A. Osses.

Potential reconstruction for a class of hyperbolic systems from incomplete measurements

Inverse Problems, Vol. 34(8), 085005, 18pp.; Jun. 2018