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Integrante(s) DMAT Programa Nombre Proyecto Periodo

Salomón Alarcón

FONDECYT REGULAR 1171691Boundary Value Problems Involving Hénon Type Equations 2017 - 2021

Alejandro Allendes

FONDECYT REGULAR 1170579Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Linear and Nonlinear PDE Constrained Optimization Problem 2017 - 2021

Nicolás Carreño

Eduardo Cerpa

Patricio Guzmán

ECOS PCI C16E06Control of Distributed Parameter Systems with Applications in Physical Networks 2017 - 2019

Pedro Gajardo

FONDECYT REGULAR 1160567Control of Constrained Dynamical Systems: Optimal and Viable Approaches, in Continuous and Discrete Time, Motivated by Natural Resource Management Issues 2016 - 2020

Leonelo Iturriaga

FONDECYT REGULAR 1161635Hamiltonian Elliptic Systems and Fourth-Order Equations 2016 - 2020

Michael Karkulik

FONDECYT REGULAR 1170672Fast Space-Time Discretizations for Fractional Evolution Equations 2017 - 2021

Alberto Mercado

FONDECYT REGULAR 1171712Controllability and Inverse Problems for Mathematical Models of Flame and Wave Propagation 2017 - 2021

Jinggang Tan

FONDECYT REGULAR 1160519Fractional Sub-Laplacian In Heisenberg Group 2016 - 2020

Cristopher Hermosilla

PCI REDES REDI170200Estudio de problemas de Control Óptimo gobernados por Procesos de Arrastre: Teoría y Aplicaciones 2018 - 2019

Pablo Aguirre
Pedro Gajardo
Cristopher Hermosilla

PCI Math-Amsud 18-MATH-05MOVECO: Modeling, Optimization and Viability for Epidemics Control 2018 - 2019